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Budget headphones

I’m trying to find a good pair of headphones that I can buy a balanced cable for ,in the future. I don’t want to spend a ton of money so I’m looking for anything below like $200. I can go a little higher but I also want to find a good pair of speakers later.

Jan 30, 2021
I just received my MassDrop Sennheiser HD58x "Cans". They sound great but the differences are very subtle comparing them immediately to my Sennheiser HD300s. (after matching volume levels of course, with a 2 Ph. splitter and volume Pots.) which cost $65 Can. or $50 US. I notice slightly more detail in the mids and less Bass on the HD58x. They are very comfortable but heavier (260 grams/ 9.2 oz ) than the super light HD300s (182 g/ 0.4 lbs.) And, I much prefer the Velour ear pads over the artificial leather on the HD300s. But if you want to save money you can't go wrong with these HD300s. Sennheiser knows how to build Headphones at all price points.
Jan 27, 2021
Here’s a no brainer for ya. Everything from real wood to super efficient drivers worth at least triple the selling price. Only $99.82! Please note - This suggestion is based on your question only. SIVGA SV007 Premium Wood Over-Ear Open Back Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic,Rosewood
And like other poster said, balanced requires everything to be balanced, so I would nix that.
Jan 26, 2021
Honestly, unless you're buying a high impedance headphone that can possibly benefit from the added power a balanced connection may (or may not) provide, there's really no reason to worry about getting a balanced cable. You don't specify use purpose so that makes it more difficult to make a recommendation. If you're looking to buy here based on what's currently available, I'd say: German Maestro 8.35 Mobile if you you want a closed back good for home/travel/office. Sennheiser HD 58X if you want a set for home. Sennheiser PC38X if you also game. Drop + HifiMan HE4XX or HifiMan HE-400i if you want for home & want to try a planar. FTR, these are the only 2 that would really benefit from a truly balanced connection. Personally I'd go with the HE-400i & save the $$$.
Jan 27, 2021
MaverickAHI was thinking of the HE-400i because I want to try out planars.
Jan 26, 2021
Here's a better idea; buy the headphone you want, and if the cable allows for this, get a soldering iron and learn a valuable new skill. Seriously, the stock Sennheiser cables are actually quite good. No idea why people don't do this.
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