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My main concerns are: a) Does the PCB support 5 pin switches? b) Are the stabilizers screw in or plate mounted? Will I be able to replace them or modify if there is rattle? c) Does the board need to be modified w/ dampening material if it sounds hollow? Not sure if I forgot any other concerns, but for the price... I'll be more than happy to modify the board if needed.


Copying my reply to your question here too, incase people are looking for quick answers: a) Yes, it does support 5 pin switches b) The stabs are plate mount, and are replaceable c) Most likely a steel plate board, it would benefit from dampening material There is a photo on their product page where you can see under the switch
May 20, 2021
Oh lol, I'll double check my box, but i have after market pullers anyways so i wasn't too worried about it
You're absolutely right, they are indeed under the cardboard 'bottom'! The keycap puller is good wire type unit, but that switch puller is pretty sad. Oh well, they're there at least
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