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Flesports FL980 RGB Hot-Swappable 1800 Keyboard Kit

Flesports FL980 RGB Hot-Swappable 1800 Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
Bringing the classic Dolch colorway into the modern world, the FL980 keyboard kit from Flesports is an 1800 board for the 21st century. With 98 keys and a numpad in a compact full-size layout, the FL980 features an ABS high-profile case with adjustable feet to help you dial in a custom typing angle Read More
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Feb 2, 2021
My main concerns are: a) Does the PCB support 5 pin switches? b) Are the stabilizers screw in or plate mounted? Will I be able to replace them or modify if there is rattle? c) Does the board need to be modified w/ dampening material if it sounds hollow? Not sure if I forgot any other concerns, but for the price... I'll be more than happy to modify the board if needed.
Copying my reply to your question here too, incase people are looking for quick answers: a) Yes, it does support 5 pin switches b) The stabs are plate mount, and are replaceable c) Most likely a steel plate board, it would benefit from dampening material There is a photo on their product page where you can see under the switch
Feb 2, 2021
Is it a 3-pin or 5-pin swappable socket on this board?
5 pin switches supported, I've posted a link to the product page in the discussions, and there is a photo on their site with a clear view of the pcb under a switch.
Feb 7, 2021
Is this board QMK or VIA compatible?
It's not in the feature list, so it's safe to assume it doesn't support QMK, nor VIA.
Apr 6, 2021
I have what might be a silly question. Is the file provided in the gdoc link only if the user wants to do something fancy with RGB and/or macros? IE: without that .exe file would this keyboard work with the basic system drivers? (I'm looking for something for work, which means no install permissions...)
The board works fine without the software, there is a list of hotkeys that might be useful
Feb 4, 2021
Are the keycaps shine through or will i need to buy different keycaps? is the price final or will I need to pay more later?
Keycaps are not shine trough, as you can see on picture #4. The price on the page is the final price for the board, minus shipping.