Any possibility of adding noise-canceling via a software update? $400 for headphones without that feature seems like a mistake.

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Nov 2, 2021
It`s not a mistake. The whole point of the Panda is to give the best unaltered sound quality. ANC would altered the sound. I think if it`s 400 USD is because the implementation of the THX AAA AMP, an AMP that is achromatic meaning it does not change the sound, just make it louder...
Oct 3, 2021
it's not a mistake, Headphones are meant for music listening and not noise cancelling, if you want to cancel noise use earbuds.
Not possible and ANC requires DSP (Digital Signal Processing)... one of the selling points of this headphone is the lack of forced DSP. If you need ANC there are a ton of existing options out there, I use a Sony pair myself.
Feb 23, 2021
I can totally relate to that mindset. But I would understand it if they were to increase the price for ANC. I don't use ANC actively with my headphones. But when I am on a train or plane, I value ANC a lot. I couldn't even listen to the audiophile quality music with the background noise of a plane. So no point in buying these for me.
Feb 8, 2021
Noise cancelling has to be built into a pair of headphones, considering it takes an incredible amount of tuning, software and physical microphones. Just know that the amp and dac baked in mean that they’re the best sounding pair of true wireless headphones on the market.