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why dont they just do one with 1x, 3.3x, and 6.5 x gain like that would just be so much easier dont have to pick the low one without the ability to scale up just cos iem's although i guess if u have headphones that need the 6.5x you can probably just get a different amp its just annoying.


Aug 9, 2021
Agreed! I use IEMs > 90% of the time myself as I like the personal feel and sound that only IEMs offer, however I don’t like being ‘forced’ to make a decision based on how rarely I’d like to amp up some headphones with their impedance in the 300Ω to 600Ω range! Like most other audiophile gear I’m probably gonna settle on the medium gain myself, but eventually end up with both varieties somewhere down the line! Isn't it funny how your gear seems to magically grow exponentially over the years? 😂 I’m not complaining, I legit think it’s kind of funny in retrospect. Something tells me that the standard gain will be a ginormous overkill for IEMs, so if nobody says to the contrary, I’m gonna give it a go. Please do let me know if you tried one and how it went in a reply. Thanks and be well! ✌️
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