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789 Amp sudden channel popping at beginning of track

Hello all, I newly bought a 789 and liked it a lot. However I'm experiencing an odd issue, hoping to get some insights on what could be the reason/solution.
  1. Setup: PC --> SMSL SU-8 v2 (RCA out) --> RCA output switch output 1 (RCA out) --> THX AAA 789 --> HD600 (XLR)
  2. Note: RCA output switch output 2 (RCA out) --> iLoud MM speakers
  3. Player App: Foobar 2000
  4. Issue: When I stop the track completely and play, the audio doesn't start up simultaneously, instead it pops with some distortion on right channel first(with a bit of a pulse-ish feeling) then probably a quarter second after left kicks in and then everything goes on fine. However same track if I drag the time block back to start from beginning, both channel starts simultaneously and smoothly. It is as if the starting signal caught the amp off-guarded
  5. Troubleshooting done:
  6. I tried the speakers which are at equivalent hierarchy as the amp, this issue didn't occur, so unlikely issue with DAC output
  7. I also skipped the RCA output switch to directly hook my DAC with AMP, this issue persists, so it is not problem with my switch
  8. Tried using 6.5mm SE end and XLR end on my HD600 to connect to 789, both have this issue
  9. Also swapped Foobar with some other lossless players, same issue persists
Any thoughts on what could be the reason? Should I try XLR connection between SU-8 and 789 (that's pretty much the last idea I can think of)? Thanks in advance.


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