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A couple months ago I bought HD800S. Any reason to consider upgrading to the drop version? Is the sound really tangibly improved?


Feb 21, 2021
"It's better to have a bird in your hand than a hundred flying by you." is a popular saying where I live. If you're perfectly happy with the HD 800S, I don't see a reason for you to consider the HD 8XX, since from the description, what is improved is not the quality of the sound, but the presentation itself.
Sep 1, 2021
Thank you for your very detailed response! I have been very happy with my HD 800 S—haven’t felt too much FOMO from not listening to the 8xx but that’s an easy fix should I get the upgrade itch :)
jzfgsI’ve happily owned my HD 800 for over 5 years! I didn’t get FOMO after hearing the also-good HD 800S, and I felt like I had scratched the itch to my satisfaction after I heard the earlier HD 8XX prototype. I’m generally a “bird in the hand” kind of guy. It’s always wise to carefully consider your luxury purchases, and a summit-fi headphone like the HD 800S or HD 8xx is definitely a luxury, after safe tires and doctors check-ups and all that good stuff. My HD 800 still sounds great after all these years and hours! Just… forgive me, I’m feeling a little itchy after hearing the retail ready HD 8xx and sending it to the next person 😅
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