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Any Focal Elegia owners (or of other headphones) that noticed more bass and louder volume with another cable compared to the stock one?

I suspect my Elegia's stock cable came defective. I just plugged both my beyerdynamic Amiron home and HIFIMAN HE 5XX cables to the Elegia and on the same volume on the MIYO DAC (12 of 100), they sound a bit louder and unrestrained, and also the bass sounds big and finally level with the rest of the forward mids and well-blended highs. They're no longer bass shy and bothersome with the showty mids and overall anemic presentation. It's not a small difference. Waddaya guys think? You can still chime in if you've experienced this with other headphones. Is it cable impedance? Cable material? Is my stock cable defective? Is it not defective and that's how the headphones should sound? I want to mention that the horrible, poor excuse of a stock cable is terminated in 3.5mm TS earcup plugs. The HIFIMAN and beyerdynamic cables have 3.5mm TRS earcup plugs. I don't know if that plays into it. I don't think it matters, but I'm not a cable enthusiast. I live the stock cable, single-ended peasantry lifestyle.

Feb 21, 2021
I think the best way to test it is to get another cable for the Elegia to try. Maybe you could borrow one? You know I have the Clear and I've not noticed any discrepancies when using all three of it's cables. I hate it for you, the FOCAL should sound better than others. You're not wrong, I think you have a bad or shorted cable. Sigh.
Feb 21, 2021
Well you answered many of your own questions in your post! And I quote you "Is it cable impedance? Cable material? Is my stock cable defective? Is it not defective and that's how the headphones should sound?" Yes! It's all that and more. Perhaps the biggest culprit is electrical interference, or noise. Thinner, cheaply made cables are not shielded properly and can have other mass marketing defects. The best change of a cable that makes cents (see what I did there?) is a balanced cable. If your DAC and AMP can handle, or support balanced output and you plug in say a 4 in. Pentacon TRRS, you will notice a darker, quieter difference. The goal for many of us, even with tubes, is to have as little noise or interference as possible. Thats where the magic happens. When the bass blends in to the mids and as little treble sibilance as possible. You want to hear, actually, nothing! Only the artist and the musicians. with their instruments I am sure you know this! Please understand its an answer to your cable question. The same goes for cables out to good monitor speakers. Understanding the whole balanced aspect took me a while to grasp, but Ive gotten bitten by the balanced bug and have a hard time going back! So yes, cable quality, girth, shielding and of course lets not forget a balanced set all matter.
Feb 21, 2021
hypnoticdcime +1 for balanced!
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