Need some help, someone please

I'm looking forward into buying the
AKG K7XX but i have a few questions. Does this headphone even support 7.1 surround sound? Because it is not advertised at all in the description. Second, will I need to buy an amplifier? Third, since these are headphones and not a headset, can someone please recommend me a microphone. Thank you for reading.

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Oct 31, 2016
for 7.1 surround sound on stereo headphones you will need to use Dolby headphone no headphone is truly 7.1 you can only really emulate it. Some pc apps have Dolby headphone as an option but if you want it from say a console you will need to buy either a turtle beach dss or astro mixamp.
Although I don't own a pair of 7xx I do own a pair of K702 and I would say they need an amp they are rated the same ohms and I imagine very similar in terms of sensitivity and for me the k702 cant be run very well on a standard output like phone or laptop.
Id recommend either an Antlion modmic which I use or a blue snowball a quick search on amazon will get you some good results.
Oct 31, 2016
Thank you, my friend told me I don't need an amp because my motherboard says x99-A deluxe has good sound already so im chillin, the mic thing I found a website called modmic or something similar and they seem to have some really good stuff but thank you anyway I appreciate it
Oct 31, 2016
No, these are stereo, 2-channel, headphones. I have K701's. They don't require an amp, so you're good, but If you want an external DAC/Amp combo to get the best these headphones can do, then the Schiit Stack (Magni/Modi combo) is a great choice. You'd run the DAC with optical out. Lastly, yes the Antlion Modmic.