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Can someone recommend a decent amp? I had the 4XX and loved it but lost it. I had a cheap portable amp that helped the volume with my iPhone. I’d use them mostly at my while working from my laptop where I could either listen on it (cheap chromebook) or iPhone. Don’t know what a DAC does and it’s a bit more technical than I care to know about. I’d spend up to $300, doesn’t have to be portible, doesn’t have to be that expensive. Just a simple “get (fill in the blank)”. Thanks so much!!

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Mar 8, 2024
I am more than happy with my Qudelix even running off the stock cable. More than capable to run these headphones.
May 4, 2021
Schiit modi 3+dac check b stock 89 bucks or 99 bucks A stock. Amp go with the Asgard 3 you will never need another. I have both w/ Headphones that range from 700$ plus down to 150 bucks you cant go wrong.
Apr 20, 2021
You can get an dragon fly, an es100, or foo btr5, or for desktop version 789 reg or 789 one. 300 on the spot plus taxes on 1. change for a tip on the rest you can also look at any amps all will work but of course the more you spend the more you get that’s why 789 reg is best amp for probably up to 700 range.
Mar 25, 2021
I purchased Topping E30/L30 Dac/Amp stack from apos audio. From the software side Volumio on raspberry is my to go. That overall stack paired with these headphones sounds just amazing. If you want to boost bass, it is such a non-colored stack you can simply use a software equalizer :)
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