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Affordable CD Transports in 2021?

What are some decent alternatives to a CD transport or recommendations, everything I look at seems to break bank or get sold by the time I'm ready to buy and I'm not finding much solution. I've been watching since early 2020.

Mar 22, 2021
If you're on a tight budget, consider a used Pioneer 563 or 578. I have a 578 that I bought brand new, and appreciate the analog 5.1 outputs for use with legacy multichannel equipment. They are universal players.
GuitaristaI'm not actually planning a budget for this one, because my biggest issue in making a purchase for this is consistency of product availability, as if I started my search three years too late, and I've missed the big wave... It seems like everything is just over $700 and dissapears at lightspeed or is top of the line and $1500+, or costs less and is incompatible with my headphone amplifiers. Something interesting I did find was tube cd players, yet none of them 120v. Everything else seems to stay low stock.
GuitaristaI took a look around, I think I have one of those units laying around the house. While I didn't find it, I tested all the old universal players in my house, they had one thing in common, they all sounded very harsh on my headphone amplifiers. I concluded that I I might be better off picking something that is cd oriented. Your comment prompted my decision. I decided to try to find a 120v tube cd player. In searching, I found one product with one seller with three listings in three colors, but one each. It doesn't seem to be a well-known product, but I purchased a Bada HD-23 tube cd player in gold. I'm hoping this will be a wonderful addition to my listening corner. This is the only sample I could find, I saw no reviews:
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