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Brand We Love: NuForce

We’re spotlighting a selection of companies that help make Massdrop the community it is today. From big names to lesser-knowns, these are the brands we can’t stop talking about at the Massdrop HQ.
About NuForce Founded in California in 2004, NuForce was started by a pair of entrepreneurs who wanted to create amazing audio experiences at prices people could afford. Ten years later, to expand its manufacturing expertise, NuForce became part of Optoma, a world-famous projector manufacturer. NuForce’s earphones are conceptualized from the ground up by its top design and engineering experts, without using off-the-shelf designs like other manufacturers. Its products are known by audiophiles for their outstanding industrial design and sound quality. NuForce has also collaborated with Massdrop on two custom in-ear monitors: the award-winning EDC and the popular three-driver EDC3.

What do you think about NuForce?
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It all depends...have you seen the regular audiophile pricing on hardware? NuForce is very far from the most expensive brand out there.
I’m actually saying that if the product were made domestically, they certainly would be one of the most expensive brands out there.