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Why mechanical keyboards are expensive?

Hello everyone,
For gamers, the mechanical keyboard is an indispensable thing for them. It can be said that the mechanical keyboard is a very suitable keyboard for gamers to play games. On the market, there are many types of mechanical keyboards with many different prices, although one common feature is that they all cost quite a high price. Why is the mechanical keyboard so expensive? Hope everyone can explain for me.
Thanks everyone.

Apr 24, 2021
Well, SpecTP gave you the short answer. Let me expand and give you the long answer. The cheaper mechanical keyboards that you find on Amazon are typically made from injection molded ABS with an aluminum or steel top plate. These are relatively cheap and easier to mass manufacture. The keyboards that you are probably seeing as expensive, something that is $200+ is probably made fully from a CNC'd block of aluminum. CNC'ng metals are relatively more expensive than injection molding plastic. These $200 barebones keyboard kits you see are made from solid aluminum, done in very limited runs (1000 or less sometimes, typically 300 is the range of keyboards produced). Not just this, but these machined keyboards are also anodized or electrically coated, which is a very expensive process. Once a keyboard is ran and shipped out, it will typically not return again for sometime or ever again! All these factors, plus some others I didn't mention, result in these keyboards costing so much. You are comparing a cheaply made and mass produced keyboard to a keyboard that had to be CNC'd from a solid piece of aluminum, which also had a very limited run and coating/painting process. If you are interested, you could visit r/mechanicalkeyboards or look up Geekhack for more information.
simple answer.. small manufacturing production
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