Apr 1, 2021
Sus304 switches
Apr 1, 2021
Did we all miss the part where there's literally "SUS" in the spring name? Lol they could just be punny with this comment. That said, if you actually mean the switches are sus, hopefully someone does a proper review of them. I would, but channel funds are tapped out for now.
Apr 1, 2021
Sorry for the bad impressions. We made this switch because we are pretty tired of the homogeneous feelings of switches of the current manufacturers. Everything is about profit and appearances are almost the same, innovations are almost made by changing colors. So we decided to start our own molding tools and start from zero. It took us about a year, hundreds of modifications to hatch this very first product, which we think did make differences: First, the price is very cost-effective, we utilize the best materials for molding such as Dupont PC, PA66, ready to use lubing (GPL105), made in Japan, premium SUS304 springs. And altogether, you get it with only 0.48USD/PCS. Besides, there are some innovations, for example, the extended actuation distance, for preventing a typo. We do think that lowering the price would both bring benefit to users and also implement our product to the whole world. Which, till now, we still think that this is a great strategy. Trust me, this is not suspicious, and I personally do think that some differences are made already. For more information, you can check Thanks for your attention and question!
Apr 1, 2021
Apr 2, 2021
I think he was making a joke based on "SUS304 springs" . They look pretty cool to me and your comments on the lack of innovation in switches feels pretty accurate, but what would you say sets these apart from the rest in that sense? Either way, I am definitely happy to see a new company enter the market and make some switches. I would definitely give these a shot based on the price point alone and would consider these for a future build. Are there any plans to make a tactile or clicky FROG? Clicky Frog Switches does have a nice mechanical ring to it.
Apr 1, 2021
Based on what? Kind of negative to dis a new switch with no evidence.
Apr 1, 2021