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Does it fit for Sennheiser 660s? If so, how it will affect the sound?


Apr 9, 2021
Yes it fits. If your original pads are pretty worn down, these will probably improve the lower frequencies significantly. At least that's what happened to mine.
Same pads for the HD 650/6XX, the HD 660S, the HD 600, and the HD 58X Jubilee. These “standard velour” were designed to preserve the “standard” sound of the HD 600 series as much as possible.
May 29, 2021
EvshrugThey most likely will not sound same as original HD6** series. Check the freq resp graph on Dekoni site - 6-8dB less above 500Hz for Velour Elite. I would stick to OEM if you want to keep original sound. Did you measure freq resp of both Dekoni Standard replacement and OEM pads?
pliedtkaThese are not the Elite Velour pads though... Dekoni changed the foam density, shape, added some pleather on the underside like the stock Sennheiser velour pads. I haven’t seen the graphs for these “standard” pads yet, but it’s clear that Dekoni took a different approach from the Elite Velour. I can’t say how much, but I do believe these are “closer” than the Elites. With that said, these Dekoni do seem to remain more consistent sounding over time for longer than the stock Sennheiser pads. Now that I have an HD 58X Jubilee, HD 650, and HD 660S, I took the HD 660S pads off shortly after initial impressions and I’ve saved them as “fresh” pads for comparisons, while I’ve been using the Elite Velours as daily drivers. I admit I’ve been listening to the HD 560S, HD 8xx, IE 300, and IE 900 more lately, so I don’t have the deepest familiarity with these new HD 6xx “standard” pads (and pad swap comparisons are a soul sucking exercise!!! Believe me, I’ve done a LOT of pad swapping, and I value comfort first).
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