Nov 10, 2016146 views

Amplifier/DAC/Sound Card Recommendations

I'm finally getting into the audiophile craze having joined the HD 6XX drop, but I'm not sure what I need for them given their 300 ohm impedance. Should I get an amplifier and DAC? Just an amplifier? Soundcard? Please help me make the right choice.
I'll be using them with my computer that has a crappy Intel motherboard (DH67CL). It has a bad USB bus or something because when I used USB headphones in the past, I could hear the signals from my mouse. What I'm left with is optical and standard 3.5mm jack.
Given that information, what recommendations are there for me for ways to get them set up? My budget is up to $120 since I don't have that much expendable cash and I want to use them when they arrive. Thanks for any help I receive!

Depends on what lacks most in Your setup. If headphones sound too quiet or tiny, You should start with AMP. If You miss detail You should look for a DAC.
HD600 has some kind of "hard to drive" badge but once You have any dedicated equipment it will be just fine. Even Fiio E10K or ASUS Xonar DX. On AMP side You can get SMSL sApII which is both powerful and cheap option.
And most important: You don't have to gamble, it's not like they're going to be unoperational without bying some companion device.
Thanks for the feedback. I just heard that they sound better with an amplifier. I'll see how it works with my setup once they come in.