Hello Handsome!

Yes, I'm talking to you, you big black, nondescript, cylindrical-looking bundle of coils and magnets! I have to say, for a guy who looks like a can of Darth Vader brand coffee, you sound damn good! Actually BOTH of you sound damn good ;- ) Yup, I just added a pair of Echo Studios to my bedroom (one on each nightstand). Each Studio contains a five-speaker assortment, including a down-firing 5.3" woofer. And buddy, they WOOF! What made me finally decide to go this route was laziness; yes I could have found good Bluetooth speakers for less, and maybe even good WIFI speakers, but I confess to having developed a fairly serious relationship with Alexa--we have long talks each morning discussing the weather and the news, etc. And she always plays what I tell her too. Second reason is my on again/off again relationship relation with Amazon Music. With the advent of Amazon Music HD, we're back on again. One of the benefits of combining Amazon Music HD with the Studio is the ability to access a feature Amazon calls 3-D Music. Supposed to be very Dolby Atmos-ie but to be honest, I haven't quite got there yet. What I have done is PAIR the two together, meaning I have a true, two channel stereo setup, rather than just two semi-dumb speakers humming the same tune. That feature works perfectly and it's the only reason I bought a pair. Preliminary results are EXTREMELY impressive; they sound very good. During the initial setup, the speakers map out the acoustics of the room and adjust themselves accordingly. After that, the equalizer settings (accessed through the Alexa phone app) let you dial in the Bass, Mid-tones, and Treble. That's where those five-inch woofers really strut their stuff. Quickly running through a few jazz standards from Miles Davis, Kenny Burrell, and Dave Brubeck told me all I needed to know; the bass is clean, clear and pronounced. The show-off feature of this now TEN SPEAKER setup is how well defined the sound stage is. There is no doubt where a given instrument is placed in the room--you can practically reach out touch them! And as mentioned, channel separation is impressive. Speaking of base, you can go full-Monty and add the Studio Subwoofer. Well, not in my bedroom you can't--but if you're looking for a very killer home theatre setup, you might very well ditch the sounder and go the three speaker route. But that's a story for another night. Time for bed. More to follow... Before I forget--I opted for a pair of referb Studos and saved sixty-bucks of the regular price. Referbs are always indistinguishable from the higher priced firsts and still come with the warranty--a total no-brainer. Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/Staging-Product-Not-Retail-Sale/dp/B07NQD5L6V/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Echo+Studio&qid=1618816479&sr=8-1

May 2, 2021
So $360 for the duo and a great audio experience? I gave these some thought (in a dual configuration) , but concluded it wouldn't work for me. So now I'm feeding a Klipsch 2.1 system from my Monolith DAC/Amp, which works nicely.
May 3, 2021
Good to hear!