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Class B amplifier article

The Blomley amplifier design....
A modern high-quality audio system has excellent specifications and sounds almost perfect. Almost perfect, but not quite. There is one very important attribute missing in audio systems—the attribute we call “presence”. This article discusses an alternative power amplifier design with sound that often lacks in conventional amplifiers.
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So... if this were now made with today's fast GaAs transistors, perfect diodes, great caps and precision/quiescent metal resistors,,, Grail time? Wire with gain... a silver wire of course...
So this begs the question - Achilles heel in this amp design, why not implemented?
Brings me to thinking of my old '65' 190d that got 40 mpg back-in-the-day and went to 385K miles, only salt was able to kill it. Take that engineering with new piezo injectors etc. and put "Alexa" in it for the millennial's,, Wolla! So much great engineering has been done, that coupled with today's advances in materials science etc., well you could have a new light bulb, more efficient than today's LED's...

Or a Blomley using vacuum transistors... Much Ado About Nothing...;) More back to the future...