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Computer Sound Card

I'm getting a new computer and am wondering if it is worth investing in a special sound card. I currently use Sennheiser 598's and HIFIMAN HE-400I's which I plug into my Fulla Schiit (such a great name). Would getting a special sound card improve anything (and if so what cards do you recommend) or am I already able to get the most out of my cans in my current setup?

I went with a small fanless pc for listening. If I did it over, with options< pcie slot. I would look at an upgraded usb card to get a clean signal out to a dac. These crux are even remote power ready and have on/off power select, nice. Forget an internal sound card upgrade, noisy shit storm in there, whatever you put in...

Internal sound cards pick up tons of interference from the rest of the PC's parts. Best to keep the sound far away from computers and their noisy power supplies.
I use a no-more-sold theatron agrippa with a sennheiser headphone and foobar2000 on flac files.... I changed the 6 opamp... Great sound https://www.materiel.net/carte-son/club-3d-theatron-agrippa-dts-31175.html À lot cheaper than high end devices but same sound.
Well. Yes. Asus Essence STX II is probably better but you really don’t need to upgrade.
Cool, thanks!
Boxer is right
Nope, a USB is enough... link it to your fulla and enjoy your music (soundcards are dead..)