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Why are these priced higher on Drop ($175) than on Amazon ($150) direct from the MASTER & DYNAMIC storefront? What is special about the Drop version?

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Aug 15, 2021
The color way is exclusive, but also the carrying case for these is aluminum where the regular one is cloth covered and this case is better because it has an actual hinge where the usual mw07 go case has a flexible plastic "hinge" that will break sooner or later from being opened and closed.
May 13, 2021
It appears the only difference between Drop's MW07 Go earphones ($175) AND Master & Dynamic's versions on Amazon is the color. It seems you have to pay an additional $25 for the cross hatched grey version sold by DROP and the black version sold by Amazon/Master & Dynamic themselves. Plus you get no worse than two-day shipping using Amazon and Lord only knows how long Drop's shipping will take using the USPS. Shipping is free and 2 day from Amazon, shipping can also be free using the standard 4-10 business day shipping from the FedEx/USPS method (now running about 12-14 days in most of U.S.). $20 extra for 2 day FedEx shipping, only after DROP gets it out to FedEx. Plus if you have any problem at all you can call Amazon 24 hours per day/7 days per week....DROP you have to use their email form which is usually looked at about 3-5 days after you send it and not usually answered within another week, if they have found the answer for you. Amazon/Master & Dynamic team is looking pretty good right now, unless you have to have that cross-hatched grey.
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