Mar 1, 2022
What cable are you using for the headphones?
In that picture I was using a NewFantasia cable sourced from amazon. It says it is for Beyer, but it is the same cable as which is listed for HiFiMan. It works, but I switched to cables from Hart Audio which are generally better.
Jun 8, 2021
How's the BZHiFi E200?
Surprisingly not bad. I've been having pretty good luck with these hand built Chinese tube amps. It is a fairly balanced sounding amp with no hum, buzz, or audible annoyances. The use of a pair of 6SN7 and a single 12AX7 tubes is pretty awesome. There are huge numbers of NOS available for both types, and the current production for both are also not horrible. As I already have a huge pile of tubes, I bought the version that did not come with any. No point in getting tubes I'd replace right away. Headphone compaibility is pretty great too, with the amp being good down to about 16Ω and all the way up to at least 600Ω. It has enough power on tap to drive most all Planar cans too. So far I've run my HE-4xx, HE-5xx, HE-X4, HD58x, HD6xx, ATH-R70x, T1.2, 99 Noir, and Elex on it with good results. It is transformer coupled, so there will be a bit of loss in the bass side of things, but the transformers are suitably large enough that it isn't too big of a loss. I didn't try any of my IEM on it, but I've a feeling they'd work fairly well. I also did try running it as a preamp for the unbalanced side of my solid state amps, and it wasn't horrible. Definitely better sounding than most of the cheapy cathode-follower style 6AK5, 6N1, and 6SN7 pre-amps and buffers I've tried. The lack of blue LED is one of the best things about it visually. The only power indicator light (other than the tubes) is a dull red LED showing the selected max Ω of the cans. I don't really like the chassis they used, especially the dimensions and styling, but it is rather solid. The black version uses the same scratch magnet black finish that all of the Drop gear does. Overall, I do not regret it one bit. Shipping cost sucks, but heavy amp is expensive to ship half-way around the world. I picked mine up from the Weiliang Audio store on Aliexpress. If you end up buying it there, just tell them what voltage you need (110/220) as a note during order.
Jun 3, 2021
Huhuhu doesn’t deliver to Philippines
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PC38X microphone volume too low
How can I increase the volume of the microphone of my PC38X? On my new Lenovo X1 extreme with Windows 11 the sound for my listeners is too low and I've tried everything available on Windows 11 and related drivers for the Realtek Audio 'card'. I've found a way to boost the volume using Sonar of the Steelseries GG Software. What other options would you advice me?
Aug 8, 2022
Take a good peek at CYBERBLADE. See you at the end of August.
Aug 4, 2022
To slow for drop.
Man drop brought back the 789 and the balanced grace dac but was gone in a flash. Anyone know how much they were selling the balanced grace dac this time?
Aug 3, 2022
Best Headphones (without DAC) under $150
Hello folks, I've been following this blog for a while, and after a really long time, I've decided to get some nice cans. I am a student, so I don't think I can go higher than $150, and I don't have a DAC. I've researched on the following headphones- Beyer DT 770 80 ohm, AudioTechnica 50MX, Meze Noir, and some Senheiser models. As of now, I am leaning towards the DT 770's. Any recommendations as of 2022 on models I should check on? Any solid options?
Jul 30, 2022
Having Issues With Lack of Support From Customer Service and Missing Item
Hello everyone, I am here because I do not know what else I can do at this point. For a little background, I purchased a headset back when Drop had their competing Amazon Prime Day sale. It was my first purchase ever from this company but I saw a good deal mentioned by a YouTuber and made the jump to purchase on sale. The product was definitely not cheap ($419) but in comparison to the cost before sale ($529), I thought it would be worth it. Fast forward a few days, I get a notification that shipment from carrier (UPS) would be delayed. I did not think much of it but followed up with it and update stated delivery scheduled to Friday, two days later than what was originally scheduled. Friday comes but no package. What's more concerning is that when I checked my email, Drop sent me something saying it was delivered Thursday. Apparently, the carrier changed from UPS to USPS without any explanation or notification as to why. Concerned, I asked my neighbors and leasing office if anything...
Jul 30, 2022
My amp's 6922 dual-triode vacuum tube was broken. what Should I do?
I have a MASSDROP X ALEX CAVALLI TUBE HYBRID AMP (CTH) and the amplifier tube fell and broke. What can I do or what should I do? I would like to get a new tube but I'm not sure where exactly/ how much should it cost and etc.
Jul 22, 2022
Did you guys see the CYBERBLADE from Angry Miao?
I saw that on their website today, I am just curious are they legit? Not a big fan of their keyboards, but will probably give it a try on earphones if it is not too expensive.
Jul 22, 2022