NYM96 Board USB-C Issues

Hello! I purchased the NYM96 BAREBONES MECHANICAL KEYBOARD and it arrived early February, but I only got around to building it this May. I have been having a problem with it that I thought would not be too much of a big deal, but it's getting really annoying. The USB-C port is very inconsistent with working. I have to put light constant pressure on it to stay connected. I noticed that if I hit the top left of the keyboard (eg the esc key) just a little too hard, it will disconnect for a second or two. I see 4 solder points near the USB-C port on the board, is that where I could solder on a USB-A port to replace it? Otherwise, would it be easy to solder on another USB-C port? Thanks

I wouldn't recommend replacing the USB-C port. Try adding more solder (reflow) to reinforce the existing port. It can be loose or not soldered securely hence the disconnection. If that still is giving you issues, if you find a replacement USB-C port that is exactly the same, you can try soldering a new one.