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Speaker advice

What's the best speaker for 400$, without drop and dac/amp? People here say A5s aren't good but I've heard great things about them... what about Harman Kardon Soundsticks III Speakers? I do have the fiio e17 amp/dac but I don't think it's a good idea to keep them on for such a long time with computer speakers because it would drain its battery life.
(If the speakers are under 200$ then that's amazing but I want to see my options if I go to 400$)
I'm looking for speakers to put on my desk but don't mind them being large. I would also like these speakers to have the power to go really loud for an indoor party. Also, I have an Altec Lansing VS4121BLK sub-woofer lying around, so maybe I can use them with other speakers? I'm not really familiar with anything other than 3.5mm input or usb.

Are you looking for powered multimedia speakers or just free standing speakers? Where will they go; do you want floor speakers or bookshelf speakers?
Based on the speakers you're showing you mentioned, you're looking at multimedia speakers, so I presume you want them to sit on a desk. Based on my assumptions I'd point you to JBL LSR305 with an additional sub since they don't do much below 40Hz. There's a 2 pack of them on Amazon for $272 right now. It's something of a tricky set to deal with since the inputs are not RCA or 3.5mm that most people are ready to handle. These are a bit more of a pro speaker and sound like it.
Another great option would be the Audio Engine A5+. These might be a bit out of your price range by the time you add the sub, but have all the "normal" input options. They are typically around $400 though. Maybe you could get a good black friday deal on them though.
The sad fact of multimedia speakers is that they all need a sub, and the good ones don't come with one. At least not the good ones that I know of. Maybe someone else has some better suggestions for you.
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Alright, thanks. I appreciate your help. The A5s still have decent bass without a subwoofer right? And if I attach a sub woofer to them, would the sub on the actual monitors become inactive? Also, any sub recommendations?
On a last note, what do you think about the Edifier R2000DB? The bluetooth is not the reason why I'm asking about these; it was recommended by a friend who's not that very experienced in this field.
The A5+ doesn't come with a sub. You'll want to add one to cover below about 50Hz. The bass that they do handle, they handle very well though.
I don't have any experience with the Edifiers but I loath bluetooth. I have never had an audio system be it headphones or otherwise that uses it that I would call good. I'm not going to claim that it's impossible, but I try to stay away from it. Your results may vary.