Jun 29, 2018172 views

Charged an extra $36 CAD as COD for HD 58x! Anyone able to help?! Anyone else with the same issue?!

I just got an email today from Canada Post saying that I should pay $36 in cash since the shipper has asked for it (But why Massdrop?!). I barely saved enough to buy the headphones at the price shown on the drop + shipping which amounts to $216 CAD! I'm a university student who doesn't have much except for lunch money. I've already submitted a ticket which will hopefully get a response today. Anyone else with a fat COD on their parcel or it's just me?

I think it is about right. HD 58X is 150$ us which is about $200 Can. So the tax is 26$ + 10$ service charge. Sometimes I purchased small items such as Sunglasses, knifes, pens, and they went though without any charges. So good luck next time.
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Thanks for the link, it's good to know that from this point on.
Gotta admit I was wrong, I had never bought items worth more than $20 from the US and hadn't realized that I would be paying taxes for the headphones. Massdrop, you had no responsibility for paying the tax but I suggest adding a clear notice (like "+ any applicable taxes and/or tariffs" near the price) on the drop page to prevent people paying more than they expected to have to pay. Thanks again for the great drop however and keep it up!