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Best first Amp and DAC for $200 USD (~250$ CAD)

Hello guys, I want to get my first Amp/DAC for a futur HD6xx and to use it for some IEMs (Nuforce EDC3)
I do not have much knowledge, should I take a tube amp or a "normal" amp ? Which amp, DAC or AMP/DAC combo should I take ?
Can I take, per example, an O2 amp with a Fulla 2 or a E10K (for the DAC part of those two) ?
Thank you !

Jul 5, 2018
If it were up to me I'd grab a Topping D10 and pair it with my favorite $100 amp. O2 is a bit under-powered for HD 6XX but sounds vastly better with them than other under-powered amps. Magni 3 can drive them reasonably well. I like Aune T1 as well, but I generally stay away from combo units these days. Really there are many amps to choose from. I'd sample them and see what I prefer if I were you.
Jul 7, 2018
My point being that our ears can't be our guide until we get to hear.
DubharmonicLots of places offer return policies (not here obviously) so if one is unsure buy from a place that will let you return it. And I'm agreeing with you while adding the caution to newbies to not go outlay a large sum of money on gear that they've never heard on a whim. Don't go from say a pair of M50's on your motherboard audio to an HD800S with a Woo Audio WA22 headphone amp and an Yggdrasil. That same person may have been fully satisfied with an HD6XX and a schiit or topping setup but jumped straight to the "top" because of what they read online.
Jul 5, 2018
So many options at this price point. I can personally recommend an Aune X1S. It’s a great combo unit for $200. Other options that I don’t have personal experience with but are well regarded in that price range are Schiit Magni/Modi stack. Objective O2/Topping D10 or D30.
You might also want to consider saving a little longer and going for something like the CTH w/ SDAC or the Liquid Carbon w/ SDAC. Either of these amps without the SDAC would be good as well and if you need a DAC get a Topping D10 or D30.
Jul 5, 2018
What is the price of the X1S on Massdrop ?
I prefer to buy a standalone DAC (or a DAC/Amp combo for ~100) and a standalone Amp because I cannot afford those two at the same time (or a DAC/Amp combo for $200)
Jul 5, 2018
AwokenBoiX1S from Massdrop is $200.
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