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Best earphone,

I am looking for the best earphone, no wireless, only good quality, good sound, durable, noise isolate. Under 150$

Dec 7, 2016
What about the imore triple drivers guys?
Dec 6, 2016
For dynamic drivers, RE-400 is a solid choice, and sounds good for the price. Shure SE215 if u want tons of bass and worry-free fit, as from my experience it never flops down.  If u r looking for BAs, I would personally go with the Etymotic Hf5, but its tricky since not everyone enjoys the fit, and in terms of sound it is neutral/bright, and bass lack punch.
Dec 1, 2016
Depending on the type of earphones you want, neutral sound? U shape V shape sound? for neutral sound.
My friend uses the audio technica im02, it is a double BA in ear monitor, they cost about 200bucks average but if since it's the festive season you probably can get it around the price range you want.
Shure 215 if you wanna have an advantage of sound isolation, they cost about 100 average. They are slightly bassy/neutral depending on which version you get. the normal black ones or the special edition blues.
If you're fresh and in for some hype maybe choose some iem such as Vsonic gr07, dunu entry series. They are good, but they wouldn't have the durability you are asking for, but, they might just level out the playing field for the sound you want.
It really depends which kind of sound you prefer, you might prefer a dual driver earphone, while others prefer a quad driver earphone, each earphone has it's unique personality and you would think otherwise on choosing a "best earphone" You might also wanna test it out at your local earphone stores and give them a good audition.
Nov 30, 2016
I purchased the RHA MA750i and thoroughly enjoy it. The included foam earpieces work very well at isolating noise and it is very enjoyable to listen to even at lower volumes. I hear people say the bass is heavy on the 750i but that is not the case, the bass is balanced well. Also for my taste I am coming from SVS PB12 Ultra sub so I was actually expecting more bass.
Nov 29, 2016
There are many in that price range that are excellent. I'd point you to the Shure SE215 or Hifiman RE-400 as well since the RHA MA-750 has already been pointed out.
In terms of build quality and durability, I'd point you to the Shures since they can actually have the cable replaced easily and that's usually what breaks in earphones.
Nov 28, 2016
the RHA Ma750i, best sound quality for the price, superb build quality, and pretty decent comfort. Just check out the reviews on YouTube.
Nov 30, 2016
DankusMemusFostex T40RP they cost 130 or less and are Planar headphones.
Dec 7, 2016
DankusMemusDunu Titan 1, Fiio EX1 (Titan 1 Re-branded), Hifiman RE-400, 1MORE Triple Driver << these are the earphones I can recommend :)
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