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Jul 11, 2018112 VIEWS
Why does Massdrop always sell the same stuff? Never any decent split keyboards. Never anything inventive?
I see companies selling the same old keyboards like Happy Hacking, Kbdfans, and so on, that merely have the same old boring layout i.e. straight rows of keys that cause ulnar deviation, which irritates the nerves going through the wrists' carpal tunnels. These are unhealthy to type on all day long.
I see companies trying to dump unsold stock that was unpopular for whatever reason (e.g. Kinesis Freestyle Edge).
I see companies trying to dump unsold stock that has design flaws (e.g. Magicforce 49, which swapped shift and space keys).
I see companies trying to dump parts and unfinished products (PCBs, kits) because they overestimated the enthusiasm that people have for soldering and breathing in toxic fumes.
I see lots and lots of key caps, which presume that we already own keyboards that we like.
But rarely do I see anything that is innovative, finished and great.
Like how about an ergonomic keyboard, where the keys are not laid out in linear rows but like a gentle V? It doesn't even have to be split. It should reduce ulnar deviation.
Like how about a keyboard whose controller is a Raspberry pi Zero, so that GNU/Linux enthusiasts can enjoy programming the keyboard instead of loathe the idea?
Like how about a keyboard with an LCD screen and Raspberry pi zero that can serve as a portable computer? Even a simple 2-line by 80 character display would be better than nothing.
Like how about a keyboard with an SD card reader, and a headphone jack, that can play back music files? An Arduino or Rpi Zero would pretty much be the starting point.
Like how about a keyboard that has a 4-inch gap between left and right sets of keys, and a trackpad in the middle? Wide is OK if it is purposeful. Few people need a num-pad like on the Vortex Vibe.
The constant repetition of old ideas is really not just lamentable & tiring but it is in fact awful.
We're on this planet just once. Why waste our precious time with uninventive, derivative products?
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Jul 18, 2018
The seller/manufacturer has to have an incentive to move/clear inventory. Or raise awareness of a product.
Jul 18, 2018
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Jul 22, 2018
That was just a case of Kinesis trying to find a way to unload their unpopular, overpriced keyboard.
Jul 15, 2018
I wish that they got OLKB's more often. I would absolutely buy the Planck x Massdrop if they had a round 2. also wish there was more bluetooth variety of these high quality boards so that I could use it for work EDC
Jul 15, 2018
I would assume there's not enough interest, or that venders are happy enough/prefer selling elsewhere.