Jul 12, 201855 views

How get attention from Massdrop Customer Center?

I purchased Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Headphones. I was one if the first so they send it right away by Fedex. For some reason USPS was the one delivering the package, but guess what? they marked as delivered but I never got it. Maybe they did delivered in other house, who knows.
The thing is that I sent already 3 emails to helpdesk@massdrop.com and no response from there. Non on spam, or any other inbox. Today, it been 10 days since the delivery date.
Did I get scam by Massdrop? where is my package? where is my refund then?
Anybody here can help me?


Hi papalotes -- I'm sorry to hear about this situation regarding your HD 58X Jubilee Headphone delivery. The Massdrop CS team is currently working through a backlog of tickets resulting in delayed response time. I see that a CS agent has responded to you to assist in helping resolve this.