Jul 16, 2018

Affordable replacement earphones

Hey guys! I recently broke my pair of fragile Zero Audio Tenores which I bought in japan for very cheap. I want to replace them with some new "beater" earphones and I was wondering what the best option is in the £50 or possibly less range (give or take). I'm after accurate sound and if possible that wide soundstage of the Tenores. Any suggestions?

Bought these chifi beaters and was quite surprised. Decent soundstage but the real strength lies in its sound signature. Not too boomy/bass heavy, strong high frequency response. Great bang for your buck.
Kz Zsr - 1 dynamic driver 2 ba drivers and a decent cable
Wide soundstage? If you're familiar with tenore, try the final audio e2000.
thanks! I'll look into it :)
Well you had my favorite sub $50 USD option and with exchange rate putting your budget around $66 I don't have much else to offer. The Zero Audio's aren't the most durable but man they sound good for $50. I think they share some characteristics of my IE800 and at 1/10 the price paid.
hahahaha, yeah the tenore is brilliant, punches way above its weight