Massdrop what a joke.

Thank you for the extraordinary lack of customer support, I join a drop make full payment via paypal then receive no email that there was a payment error. The only way I found out there was an issue with my order was when I decided to see the status of my order on my massdrop account and could see the payment error. Now after sending emails and trying to make contact via paypal I still get nothing back. Will never recommend or buy from this site again!

Dec 9, 2016
Like SephHaley said, Massdrop is great. 3 months back during their Fall Bazaar I think it was, I ordered 1 of the 2 29" LG ultrawide monitors they had. When it got here it was in shambles, screen cracked and broken to hell, no power supply, and no screws for the base. I felt robbed. Contacted customer support and they offered to try and get a replacement sent to me or a full refund. I opted for the replacement at first but after LG failed to call back they refunded all my money and gave me a prepaid return label and off it went. Make sure your email is up to date as Alex above said along with other things. In reality you should pay closer attention since PayPal ALWAYS says if the payment went through or not before returning you to the site.
Hey there, can you please verify your email is correct under:
Dec 8, 2016
I'm sorry you've had a bad experience, but overall Massdrop isn't terrible. I have ordered multipe things off of Massdrop, and never had any problems. Have you tried to contact customer support through the website?