How do i choose my IEM?

Im thinking about getting an IEM for portability use ( I know it sounds stupid) like when im walking or in the public transport. But im having trouble choosing an IEM. The first category I decided to focus on is price. Since this is my 1st IEM I don't really wanna spend so much as im not sure if an IEM would be totally for me, so im looking for an IEM that is less then 200$. But from where do i go afterwards? I like hip hop,rock,edm music and also i don't really have a portable amp to power up an IEM so i gotta make sure that this IEMs can be powered by my phone (samsung s8 edge). Any IEMs or features i should look out for afterwards??

One thing to think about with being "out and about" while wearing IEM's is that I prefer to have a vented design so as to not wholly isolate myself from the world around me. If you are walking around the streets you are going to want to hear things like sirens and cars for safety purposes. I also use a Radsone ES100 BT Amp with my sealed IEM's as it includes an ambiance mode that allows you to tailor how much of the outside world is blended in with the music.
Aug 3, 2018
Throw a rock near four or five pairs that a few people that you respect their opinions aren’t hating on this week, see which pair the rock gets closest to and go for the IEM that is currently farthest away from said rock
Aug 3, 2018
Throw a rock near four or five pairs that a few people that you respect their opinions aren’t hating on this week, see which pair the rock gets closest to and go for the farthest IEM that is currently away from said rock
Aug 3, 2018
I would second the iT01 as the best price-performance IEM in your price range and add the Radsone ES100 as my favorite budget DAC/Amp (better than FiiO’s Q1 Mark II or A5 IMO)
Aug 3, 2018
How about Ultimate Ears 900? XD
Aug 3, 2018
GET IBASSO IT01, best iem ive heard under 200 usd
Jul 30, 2018
Since this is your first IEM, I would look at something in the $99 range. These days, there a TON of very capable contenders that will let you know the sound signature you prefer before moving on to the next bigger, better thing. Some of my starting suggestions are: Shure 215 Pinnacle PX iBasso IT01 Fiio F9 pro Nuforce EDC or EDC3
I own or have owned everything I mentioned and for the genres you mentioned, they could all fit your taste and needs well.
Well, some would be better than other on the bass impact front (215, EDC, IT01) while the others would offer better extension (PX and F9 Pro). The EDC3 is arguably the most bass shy and came off as very rolled off to my ears.
So my former sugegstions would suffice and really depend on the HipHop/EDM the OP listens to. I'm a closet basshead but shitty bass can kill well recorded HipHop or EDM and enjoy the taut snap of a drum more than the next guy.
That's really my only main issue with the IT01 as its bass is sloppy AF but has some good impact. All the sub/bass on that thing comes over as one note and is a bit boomy. Same with the EDC. The 215 is borderline in that regard but it has the most texture of the three and knows how to get out of its own way.
The PX and F9 Pro make the bass known only and only if it's the main course for a track. Otherwise, they take the backseat. I'm OK with this on some songs as the bass reaches deeper and you require a different texture and tone than the typical 808 and "boom boom bap" from the bass/drums.
I really only included the ED3 as it is a good middle ground for entry-level neutral in my opinion. They're smooth and unoffensive and as long as one doesn't need a lot of bass impact, they're sufficient in that regard. It's a good starting litmus to find what one prefers and moves onto. I personally find strong v-shaped stuff to be very polarizing as I'm in the treble sensitive and sibilant camp. For me, I get this in more aggressive v-shaped stuff than anything else. I thought about recommending some solid single BA IEMs but they may lack the bass impact and texture the OP would want. That and bass is still funky on BA's compared to DD's.
I'm not familiar with the Marshall but the 1More Triple I absolutely despised. Tuning wise it felt like a mess. The Quads were better but not by much. Also, no removal cables which is a huge turnoff in this price bracket for someone that is active doesn't help either. For the cost and bundle of accessories for all that I mentioned, I think they're a good stepping stone for the OP.
Aug 3, 2018
Solid points on the removable cable and starting flat and growing from there.
While I don't agree with your take on the 1More, you're hardly the only person to find it sibilant, so probably just a matter of our respective tastes being different, so to each his own. For my part, it was one of my first iems, and one of the few I've kept from my original forays into audio. I find it pretty lively and engaging. Polarizing indeed!
But to your point, I have enough neutral reference iems now (e.g. PX, Ety Hf5) that I tend to be drawn to ones with a unique sound of some type.
Jul 29, 2018
Do some research on mobile dac/amps. You should be able to find several inexpensive options that can really boost your phone's game with whatever iem's you decide on.
Jul 30, 2018
yeh thing is I don't want a dac/amps as for now im focusing on portability and i just wanna find a self sufficient IEMs to be powered by my samsung S8 and i don't think i need a dac as i hear no static sound so i geuss my phone internal DAC is doing fine so far
Jul 29, 2018
U can buy rha t20 or t20i under 200 usd