A Thanks To Massdrop!

Its Christmas time and i'm in the mood for thanks (my thanksgiving didn't go so great) so I'd just like to go over why I love Massdrop and what makes it the best site on the web.
A truly caring team of workers
The Massdrop team is amazing and adamant about the communities they work in, let's take AlexPeterkin as a example you can find him in pretty much every discussion page and I can say I've had many conversations with him. He's just one example of the great team.
A amazing community
Now i'll use a amazing member of the community named Makami as a example, he is a great sum up of all of the good in the community willing to help anyone who has questions, he's great just like the rest of us geeks.
A great sense of humor
I'm sure everyone in the mech keys community remembers the trash keycap (literally) which I loved since it was such a good joke, even though most people thought it was serious, but it shows how this site doesn't need to be taken too seriously I can say without a doubt we are all friends here.
So overall thank you Massdrop and all of your team and this great community you've made, for all of us nerds to have a home <3

Jun 17, 2017
I always felt negativity improved everything. Serious.
Love this post. It speaks volumes. Regardless of footprint. You guys are great. We don't agree all the time. But we are dedicated. Later dudes.
Dec 6, 2016
Thanks Kyle,
nothing special about me, a lot of other folks here are amazing and willing to give a hand or help. But being an older guy i know for sure, help, if you can, and you'll get help, if you're in need. Might not be here at this place at this time, but Karma isn't in need of a certain timing or place.
Cheers to our community!
Dec 6, 2016
agreed! about the community part not the special part (your a great part of this community)
We love you too <3
Next year you can have Thanksgiving with me and Kunal
Dec 5, 2016
thanks alex <3