Aug 13, 2021
Interested in your thoughts on the 177X vs 1990. I was eying the 1990 and saw the 177X on sale for $350 and decided to give them a try. I’m shocked at how much Iike them. My previous BeyerDynamic experience is with the DT990 600 which I really didn’t like until I got an amp that could drive them properly (JDS Labs Element II). I’m still curious about the 1990 and am interested and my give them a go next year. For now the 177X are my new daily drivers.
Aug 13, 2021
Yea, likewise I was also surprised at how enjoyable they are. The versatility/portability of the 32 ohm rating and closed backs also sold me. The thick dampening and leather ear pads, plus being balanced make them sound like Argons (bassy and dynamic). If I had previously known how good they were I wouldn't have spent 550 for the 1990s, which are more analytical with better imaging but not as fun. I haven't owned other Beyers but if your curious at how the 1990s sound you can exchange the dampening material with something thinner ( i use varied thicknesses of felt) and gain more detail. Enjoy your DT's !