Meet Axel Grell


Axel Grell - Audiophile Innovator & World Leading Headphone Legend

Axel Grell: An Audiophile Innovator For over three decades, Axel Grell has crafted headphones designed to produce world-class sound—at times, with little-to-no regard for price consideration. Pairing high-quality components with cutting-edge product designs, Axel Grell created some of Sennheiser’s most sought-after headphones. Throughout his mission to enhance the clarity and transparency in the product lines he produced, Grell garnered a devoted following among members of the audiophile community for his close attention to detail throughout all parts of the manufacturing process. By the 1990s, his unwavering quest to design the most neutral headphones possible catapulted him to legendary status amongst those obsessed with high-end audio. A New Brand Breaks Ground With a True-Wireless IEM Continuing to push boundaries in the audiophile space, Axel Grell has founded a new brand—grell—with a launch product that promises to impress. Partnering with our team at Drop for design and manufacturing, grell has responded directly to a new generation of audiophiles searching for immersive, transparent sound in a smaller in-ear form factor. Combining convenience with uncompromising sound quality, the Drop + grell TWS1X IEM is a pair of earphones unlike any other. Equipped with custom components and a host of never-before-seen technologies, the TWS1X optimizes all areas of the modern listening experience—from responsiveness and transparency to noise-canceling and call-taking. True to Grell’s vision, it does all this and more at an accessible price. Elevated Audio—For Everyone “I've always tried to create the best possible acoustical experience for the money, no matter the price point,” says grell founder, Axel Grell. “With grell, we put our resources solely into achieving the best sound possible, emphasizing the acoustic experience of the product and providing audio that is fine-tuned to the user’s ear. With our focus on audio alone, we carefully selected custom drivers, plus dynamic transducers used in headphones 10-times the price, shipped directly to the consumer in simple, economical and eco-friendly packaging. And this is true for each and every pair of grell audio earphones—giving the user access to high-end quality, whilst being conscious of the overall price.” Drop + grell: Collaboration Meets Next-Generation  Axel Grell created some of Sennheiser’s finest headphones—including our very own HD 6XX and HD 58X, as well as models in the high-end HD 800 Series. Along the way, he earned praise here at the Drop by meeting our community at the all-too-rare intersection of accessible price and standout performance. With world-class products already behind him, we can only expect his next releases to raise the bar even higher. That’s why we’re proud to be the first brand to partner with grell—and why we couldn’t be more excited for future launches—to elevate the audiophile experience together.

Nov 28, 2021
Hey everyone! I just wanted to drop a comment and inform everyone that grell invited me to join him at his company! This is great for a few reasons: I’ll be checking in on Drop from time to time to answer questions (I still have a bit to learn about the upcoming model, but I’ve learned a fair bit about headphones in general). Axel Grell has given me the green light to talk about other products outside of his company. It’s a careful line to walk, so don’t expect me to give negative reviews, but I will be able to show we are aware of what other products are on the market and perhaps what niché they fill. Kinda like DMS does, though of course I have my own style ;) Speaking of niché, I found myself wishing for true wireless headphones on Thanksgiving 😅. I was at my in-law family’s house; we all had a good time chatting during dinner, and I played with their kids and pets for awhile, but soon everyone switched to football, playing cards, and dozing off in food comas. Well, TWS headphones would have been perfect, because they would have been carried in my pocket, politely discrete, and useful for playing a soundtrack of Thanksgiving or having a phone call with my more distant-located family. Maybe I’ll bring them next year or Christmas; grell audio is sending me a sample next week, and I’ll post impressions on Drop when I’m confident I’ve got a handle on them, so follow me! One of the things that I’ve always wondered was if ANC inherently causes a loss in fidelity… but Axel says ANC and DSP can actually make the sound better! I’ll find out and elaborate on that. Happy holidays everyone :)