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ATH-M50x OR AKG k553 OR Lasmex L85 OR Grado SR80e

Hi guys!
Newbie audiophile here. my expensive Sennheiser broke, but I wasn't treating it right.
So I think I'm gonna start with some entry level cans this time.
ATH-M50x | AKG k553 | Lasmex L85 | Grado SR80e These are all similarly priced.
And I need some help deciding between them, any input is much appreciated!

The Grado SR80 is a very fun headphone. They're bright and don't have much subbass, but they are incredibly entertaining.
I've been using the ATH-M50x's for over a year now, and once they settle in, they're very capable cans - but need a lot of driving with a solid amp. They're pretty neutral, and serve as a pretty ok starting point for a neutral sounding palette - something suited for a Studio.
Not so sure about the others, but you're probably better off with something ergonomic focused instead?
It's all personal preference in the headphone market. Grados are great for rock listeners as they are heavy mids focused with sharp high frequencies that really make guitars sound great, while being punchy enough for kick drums, though they lack the sub bass capabilities of others. ATH M50 are quite overrated in their current price ranges, they used to go for $80 back when they gained popularity.
At $140 however I'd choose something else, or save up for the $199 range. Since you're here on MassDrop the AKG K7xx is a great bargain for some solid drivers though made in China if that matters to you. The Sennheiser HD6xx is the better bargain imo, as it's identical to the HD650 with a lower grade cable that's removable and easily replaced.
All that being said, since you're wanting a more rugged build quality that will forgive your abusive ways lol, I'd say the Shure SRH840 mentioned above is a good option. Or Beyerdynamics DT770/880 might be a good option, or Fostex T50RP MK3, because it has loads of modding options, pretty decent first can for long term use. Happy listening, good luck.
Hi Realizer, thanks for the great reply! a lot of great input! I'll look up the Shure and Beyerdynamics you mentioned.
shure shr840 are be better choise then m50x if you dont need big bass
oh yea? there sure are a lot of options in this price range. You recon Shure 840 sounds better than m50x? Can you go into a bit more details?
No, not a grado 80. They are painful to listen to.
right, I did hear Grado is not all its name makes it out to be. to me Grado always seems a bit overpriced.
I cannot even listen to my SR80 for over 30 mins. So much treble.
I'm selling Audio Technica M50xBL's if you're interested =D Mint condition
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Yes I did. Sorry!
Too bad for me. I like the Nlue version a lot.
Also, I play some games, watch TV shows, not a big metal, techno listener. So something with good mid-range, and preferably can perform well without an amp. Again, much appreciated.