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Audeze ISINE Giveaway

Hello guys. I am running a giveaway on Facebook. I thought I would post it here since I had the biggest support from the massdrop community.
Only for massdrop members, Extra entry will be given for leaving a comment down here (not on facebook) answering "Why would you like to win this giveaway."
As a side note, I have some stuff from massdrop that is coming up for review very soon. Enjoy the contest !

And If you do not have Facebook, do not worry. There will be more chances in the future on different platforms
Thujan, Avi.S, and 7 others

"I would like to win " as it would again, make my wife wonder what the heck I am doing with all these electronics!
Why would I want to win this giveaway? Well the isine lx is on my wishlist and this thing is even better! Never owned any "audiophile" or "hifi" stuff before, only cheap $10 - $15 stuff so I would love to have these! Anyway good luck to all.
I don't own any earbuds.
I would like to own a pair of earbuds.
I would like to win the iSine as I share the live when it comes to audio equipments.
We cant afford to have them all but when I have enough money in my pocket I would usually buy new things and share with my friends having same interest.
I usually invite them by sharing my equipments but when possible I give to them to promote the audio pleasure in life that some people have not explored.
I bought 7 Centrance products which I gave to my friends as gift.
I bought 5 ATH-M50 and gave to my friends and family members.
HifiMan Headphones and IEMs, AudioTechnica ANC7b, Fiio portable amps, Xiaomi pistons and hybrids, Sennheiser BT 4.5, Shure SE215....
The list goes on and on... and I have been sharing the love.
But I have always hoped one day someone would surprise me as well, by giving me a token of appreciation for what I shared.
Hopefully it will be me this time. Then I can let others try my iSine too. :)
Edit: Unfortunately, I wont be posting at facebook. I did not use facebook for a while and not going back. Congratulations to whoever wins the iSine.
I would like to win because I am going to be a Electrical Engineering major starting my freshman year this month, and my dream is to design my own drivers, headphones, and speakers one day, but I’ve never gotten to try planar magnetic headphones, so I would like to see how they compare to my dynamic driver headphones and what makes them different.
I would like to win this giveaway because I am new to the high end audio scene. I have a couple pairs of nice headphones like the HiFiman HE400i, Focal Elear, and DT990. My in ears are not up to par. Having a set like these would be simply be GLORIOUS! Thanks.
I'm a big fan and owner of of Audeze LCD-2 and would love to try an ultraportable planar magnetic from them, especially after reading all the stellar reviews about the sound stage and frequency response.
I would love to win these because I have not invested over $300 into IEM and this would expose me to some ear candy that probably would not make hesitate on future product like these in the future.
I'd love to win! Isine is one of the best by Audeze. This way I can give a listen and let you and others know my take on them. Good luck all. I am no longer on Facebook as well. Thank you for your very informative reviews.
I'd like to win because there's no way I can afford such investment on headphones, and I would love to experience the iSINE by myself. I've read a lot about them, and it would be awesome for me, considering how I felt first time I heard planar magnetic headphones (Massdrop T-X0) was so revealing, and when I tried better planars (Massdrop HE4XX) it was AWESOME.
I only have portable amps, but if I won something of this caliber, I would definitely invest in a home amp to bring out the best from these headphones.
Right now i'm in hardcore high res audio binge mode so earphones/headphones are extremely important for me at this very moment (got my hands on a bunch of 24bit/192khz (and below) audio files and some SACDs from rock to jazz/blues to a few pop, house and edm tracks to give it some variety), i joined my first massdrop recently for the jubilee 58x and would really like to have some other options on the table to decide what type of audio gear i like better and still havent had a chance with high-end in-ear monitors neither planar headphones, also i got a bit of an extra push/motivation since my girlfriend and her brothers like trying new headphones/earphones every once in a while so would be really cool to share the experience with them lending this pair for a while and bouncing back and forth opinions, at the end of the day this hobby is better when shared. Thanks for sharing something like this with some lucky winner.
forgot to mention that my current 'obsession' even took me to getting a software that checks if the audio files are truly high res as they claim or if their spectrograms reveal they are actually upconverted to flac from lossy sources, i'm just so into it right now that i like to test differences between different masterings and how sensitive i am to bit depth and sampling rates between high res and lossy sources.
I was very impressed by my newly purchased HE4XX and only now I realized that planar magnetic has downsized to this very small earplug. I once love to listen music while I am on the road but I don't do it anymore now, since there is no suitable earplug for me. I wanna get this to let me enjoy music once again on daily basis.