Aug 9, 2018

Question about connecting my current hardware to something new.

Hey all. I'm currently running my new HD 6xx headphones and my AT2020 XLR mic through a Presonus Audiobox 96 USB DAC, which connects to my computer via USB. The Audiobox does not have NEARLY enough power to actually push these headphones. I'm wondering if a should purchase an amp and run the headphones through it, then run the amp to the Audiobox or if I should just purchase an entirely new audio interface to run the mic and headphones through. Keep in mind, the Audiobox was less than $100 brand new.
I'm still pretty new to the Audio community, so my knowledge is pretty limited. I've looked for interfaces that support XLR mics and can handle headphones with 300 ohm resistance, but I don't see anything within a "reasonable" (sub $300(yes, I know. I'm a poor 25 year old.)) range.
What are your suggestions? Thanks in advance for your responses!
EDIT: Am I even approaching this from the right angle? I'm more than willing to wait and save money to buy something a little more expensive, but I definitely don't need something that's really high end.

Yes, you could run a 6.35mm to RCA interconnect from the headphone port of the audiobox to an amp. I suggest a ghent audio wire to a Darkvoice 336SE amplifier. The 336 and the HD6XX are an absolutely amazing pairing, even more so if you roll tubes for the amp.
So good to know! I'll look into the Darkvoice for sure! Thanks so much!
A friend of mine said to just buy an amp and plug the headphones into it, then to the audiobox, but I'm not entirely sure that would work and i'd rather not burn the money to just have anamp sitting around. You know?
I've wondered about this myself. Can there be one audio chain in for the mic and another separate chain out for the headphones?