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My first drop will be my last unless...

I got an Alt and it certainly is the best looking industrial, almost brutalist, keyboard I've ever owned. I have Logitechs and Rubber Duckys and I probably prefer using all of those over the Alt because they're cheaper and if you never plan on customizing switches the Alt is a huge waste of money. I think for what you get it, there are way too many small things that don't go right.
  1. The feet are a joke, there should be a second set included at 6-7 degree incline.
  2. Lighting configuration is terrible, it doesn't even remember the last lighting setting you had if you restart your computer. So if you don't want rainbow you have to reset it every time. For a mechanical logitech 1/3 of the price you can do some of the coolest lighting and there are tens of thousands of designs. In order for me to customize the lighting on this I have to use powershell and do it myself???
  3. The lighting is too dim and the shinethrough is really poor so in a regularly lit room, you have to look carefully to see if you're hitting the right number on the number row.
  4. Having it at 65% means I keep missing the backspace and instead hit the Delete key in the top right corner but I think that will just take time to get used to.
  5. Shipping was awful, it took almost two full weeks to arrive.
  6. The halo trues are HEAVY. I'm coming from blues and silvers and I really have to slam down on these halo trues. I don't mind it but be aware and it will definitely be something in a year or two that I swap out.
I have not bothered to adjust keycaps or switches which is the bread and butter for this, but at roughly $150 it's really bad to see such small things not addressed. I'll probably stick with my rubber ducky as my main and let this be a builder board over time.
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