Headphone recommendation

Hello, I have been looking for a headphone upgrade for a bit now and I'm having a hard time deciding between various headphones. As of right now I have been using hyperx clouds for all my gaming and music listening on my pc for about 2 years and I like them but there's just something missing. I'm a large gamer and music consumer I listen to mostly rap and more bass heavy songs, so bass is pretty important to me but I dont want it overpowering everything else. I would like something open backed for the sound stage and to try something new (and to also help with comfort in longer sessions by allowing air to breath) but from what I've seen is open backed headphones sacrifice some bass naturally in the design and that closed backs will be able to provide more of a oomf in that department. So I am wondering if it would be possible to get a pair of open backed headphones that kept the bass. I've seen that the 58xs have more bass with everything else I'm looking for at a unheard of value but I'm wondering if its enough for me. I'm open to suggestions but they need to definitely be comfy and non fatiguing. I have a budget of up to $200 (usd) as I would also need to purchase a modmic for them. Thank you for any help :)

Aug 20, 2018
I second what RockySpunkHero has said. I have the K712pro, HE400i, HE4XX, and HD58X Jubilee for over ear open backs, and unless you specifically want planar bass, for which I'd recommend the HE4XX, the HD58X Jubilee is nigh unbeatable in terms of price to performance ratio. I was actually surprised at how bassy it manages to sound :p
Aug 19, 2018
You probably will not find a better deal than the 58xs in regards to your budget and preferences. I would say go for it.