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Custom cables for Fostex TR-X00 (Finally)

Hello everyone. This is for the people who have purchased the Fostex TR-X00 headphones. As you know, they come with that very heavy and long (10ft) cable. To this date, there has never really been anyone making aftermarket cables for them. I just facilitated a process between and a company in China. does custom cables and this China company will be providing them with the connectors that are compatible with our headphones. And the best part, they fit. lol. Most people were using the Sennheiser cables but they are not a great fit and look. Once gets the connectors, they will display them on their website. They said it can take up to 3 or 4 weeks. So keep an eye out for them soon.
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Does anyone have any more experience with this problem? The stock cable is unusable, and I tried buying an aftermarket cloth cable that doesn't really fix the issue (skycableaudios on, but it is at least shorter. I'm pretty new to the issue of microphonics. The only thing I've noticed is that if I pinch down near the termination at the headphones using my fingers, the microphonics are dramatically reduced (which makes sense). I guess I could find some clamps to attach to the cable at that spot, but that also feels pretty silly. Has anyone had luck with any other cable?
Do these cables fix the scratching sound?
Are you talking about cable microphonics? (rub the cable on something and you can hear the contact)
Default periapt are very noisy (microphonic as the cable rubs against... well anything). You can apparently special request in the comments of the order "less microphonics" though I've never seen what they do in that case.
Can I use a the 4 pin to 4.4 mm pentacon adaptor?
is that available yet?
Yes. They've offered both Fostex connections for a few months. I have a pair of 4 pin XLR from them for TRx00 and TH900.
Do they still sell 4-pin XLR's for the TR-X00's? I'm looking everywhere and only found one seller on ebay selling them from China.
Yooooo! Thanks the referral! Just ordered 7foot black with 4pin XLR termination. even with 1/4" the TR-X00's and the new THX AAA 789 already sounds insane.
So when I go to periapts website and create a custom cable, will I choose option 2 that is compatible wth the hd 600 series? Or have the connectors not came yet. House
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Did this cost extra? About how long did it take you to get yours ordered and shipped? Thank you for the reply. Hope to hear from you soon as I am wanting to get a pair asap
I think they did cost extra because they haven't started mass selling it yet. In fact, they were not selling it at all for the Fostex TR-X00 until I told them that there was an ebay seller in China selling the connectors and I gave them their link. They ordered only a few connectors at first to make sure they actually work. So I was the first person to get it. It cost me $110. But once they got the connectors, I got it within a week. It took me longer to wait cause they had to get the connectors and then test them. But now that they know it works, all is good. lol.
I love my Periapt Cables. It might be time to pickup a set of TR-X00 and a balanced cable from Periapt.
check out my new post on the cables.