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[Podcast] The Board - 2 Years On, Rain Delays [1:11:49]

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Its been 2 years since we started, so thank you for continuing to support us in listening to our podcast.
To celebrate, we have a giveaway run here on gleam:
Kevin joins me late thanks to the rain and haircuts, but we talk our way through some topics:
- Another Podcast!:
- Unsafe behaviour:
- Box Switches wrap up:
- Handy Tool:
- Handy PCB Tool:
- CA66 R2:

Don't forget this month's Keebio competition, and Thanks to all our Patreons for continuing to support us through thick and thin.
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You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do so now at
So, until next time, Happy Clacking :)
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