Making a modern PCB for the AEK/AEKII

I hate to be that guy that says "hey, I've got this brilliant idea; I just need someone to do all the execution," but here goes!
I've got a number of vintage Apple Extended Keyboards that I've been wanting to modernize for ages, and one project I'd like to get off the ground is a conversion kit to modernize your Apple Extended Keyboard or Apple Extended Keyboard II (AFAIK they use the same sized PCB so I think they'd be interchangeable). The primary advantage I'm looking for in such a modernization would be adding native USB support as well as NKRO, but I'm also open to other features, like retaining one or more ADB ports so it can be used with original Apple hardware (in fact, ADB itself supports NKRO; the keyboard just lacked diodes as a money-saving measure), and also custom firmware support.
The catch: I know absolutely nothing about PCB design or getting things manufactured (I have done one of these conversions on one of my own keyboards, but it was a hand-wired job with a Teensy and it's a mess). But small-scale custom projects like this are exactly the kind of thing Massdrop does on a regular basis.
If I could drum up the interest here on Massdrop is it something that can actually be made a reality? Has this kind of thing been done?

Aug 31, 2018
Those keyboards have a pretty large PCB, making small volume PCB runs sort of expensive. By modernize do you mean desoldering the existing keyswitches or replacing all the internals and keeping just the case and caps and an ADB port? Seems like a lot of work for the latter just for aesthetic and retro computing users are running out of working keyboards.
Sep 4, 2018
This project would involve desoldering all the switches (all 100-something of them) and then resoldering them on a new PCB which would be modern in design.
Simply modifying the part with the port helps with connectivity but it does nothing to improve the ghosting situation since the circuitry of the factory PCB has no diodes wired into it.