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Best sub-$100 IEM's of the current drops?

Looking for some nice IEM's for office listening and maybe some on-the-go listening from my phone. I'd like to get a DAC and amp as well. What are the best out of the current drops?
I listen to almost everything, top 40, jazz, country, classic rock, classical...

Of the current drops, sub-$100, and for the uses you describe, it's a pretty easy call - the EDC3 would be the way to go.
I listen to lots of hip hop and metal would they be similar to my Sennheiser HD-1s in this regard? My HD-1s have the cable coming apart so I want an IEM with a replaceable cable.
I don't know the HD1 in-ear personally , but I think it has a more bass-oriented tuning than these. For your genres, you might enjoy something more V-shaped than the EDC3. I don't see anything in the current drops that would fit that, but you could look at something like the 1More triple or Marshall Mode. Something like the Klipsch R6 might also work well. There are a ton more options out there, but those might give you a starting point.
What IEMs do you own?
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like what? I do not have any.