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Impedance and smartphones

I am currently looking out for a new headphone with a price limit of 200 $. As a closed back headphone I have the Audiotechnica ATH- M50X in mind and also the Sennheiser HD598CS. But I prefer the sound of open back headphones despite the disadvantages an open- back design has. As a open- back headphone I would definitely say that I prefer the Sennheiser HD6XX over anything else. But I only have 200$ and no amp. I would buy an amp some time later but I wanted to ask if my Samsung Galaxy S6 can drive those 300 ohm Headphones. Different sources on the internet have different statements. Linus from LinusTechTips says they run well on his iPhone, other Youtubers state you need an amp.
I thought this community of audio enthusiasts and audiophiles could help me.

The LG V series is the only phone(s) I've found that can drive the HD6 series headphones well. This includes Samsung Galaxy, iPhone & HTC.
Yes. It is preferable to drive 300ohm headphones with a dedicated external amp, as this provides sufficient power to run the headphones at its full potential. It is best if you save up and get a headphone amp first. Xduoo makes pretty decent Headphone amp for the price.
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Well, to put it shortly, you can sort of drive them but it'll take a lot of power to produce an acceptable amount of sound. Getting the headphones first is never an issue though, since you can easily save up a bit and get the Fiio E10K which is quite a decent DAC/amp combo. Or, if you save up more you can perhaps get a mobile DAC/amp combo for easier transport. I personally use the Oppo HA-2 SE and I'm pretty satisfied with it honestly (although to be frank, they're kinda expensive
I shan't give any other recommendations, however, since you're comfortable with Senn's sound sig. while you can get the HE350, SR80 for the budget, you probably won't be satisfied with the sound. I heard they can be harsh
The Hifiman HE350 are on drop for $99. They can be powered by iPhone. I have a pair of DT880 Manufaktur tha tare 600ohm and my phone runs them really well, albeit 2 clicks below max volume haha.
If anything, get an in-line AMP/DAC for your Android. Like the Nexum Aqua or Cozoy. You'll be able to power any headphone at the expense of draining your phone's battery.
Get your self a Grado SR225e, Probably the best sound quality head phones for what your doing at that price range!
I think if I can get the 6XX I'll get them and if not the HD598 or audiotechnica will do the job
You'll get sound but the HD-6XX won't show you its true colors without a better amp. This headphone is known to scale up well!
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arent those on ear headphones?
They are out of the box, but it's easy to switch to over ear cups.
I live in Germany so buying off mass drop isn't that great
Philips shp 9500 and u dont really need an amp.
Load 1 more comment I dont know where you live but its cheaper to order from Us even if you live in Eu .. They are 120 euro here for some reason.. i would still pay that though.
There are good, I got mine for 75 usd. No amp needed, can run off a phone and unbelievably comfortable