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HD6xx Amp/ Dac help for novice.

Joined the HD6XX drop and am looking forward to owing a great pair of cans. Can any one help me decide on a DAC & AMP Please. Have a budget of 200-250 And I don’t require anything portable As these will be stationed on my Desktop PC.
Have read a few older and newer posts and getting mixed reviews in terms of the Schiit stack, O2 and low cost tube amps. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

I ended up choosing the Schiit Lyr 3 (tube hybrid amp+dac), but it's more expensive (~$600). Also hear great things about the Schiit Modi+Magni stack. This dude writes a good review, loves the Schiit stack:
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$90 shipping? That's crazy expensive. Good luck with your O2. When you get a chance to listen to it, perhaps post back here and let us know what you think. I'm curious about the O2, almost bought one myself.
90$ was for express delivery for the Schoir stack. Uninsured was slightly cheaper at $60 but didn’t want to risk it. Will def let you know when it arrives.