IEM help

So I'm interested in getting more into IEMs. I currently have Bose Sound Sports which I've been using for 4+ years with zero issues. I love the ear tips and how theyre molded to your ear. I get zero fatigue. I wear them almost constantly unless I'm in lecture or with friends. I just wanted to know if there are any upgrades from the Bose Sound Sports that anyone would recommend. Also, I'm kind of interested in the wire loopy thing over the ear but was wondering if that worked for while sleeping or if they fall out. Also, any good wireless earbuds anyone recommends? I got a pair of Ticpod Frees but theyre late. I fear that the ear piece will be too contrasting from the soundsports and I'll hate them. Thanks in advance :)
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Sep 30, 2018
My current ranking for your use case is: Vsonic GR07 37th Anniversary Special Edition TFZ King Pro Kinera Idun (with Spinfit tips)
Sep 22, 2018
Probably should add a little more info on what you are looking for: budget, use case, sound signature preference, etc.
Lots of great IEMs out there with sound quality much better than Bose. Wearing them over ear is preferred for me (a lot more comfortable). The Shure/Westone IEM shape works for a lot of people and most of the IEMs dropped here can be worn over the ear vs the cable down
You can always start with budget fi IEMs and work your way up. Something like the Nuforce EDC. I will say that having removable cables is very very nice, since cables are usually the first to go bad. I'd hate to have to throw away a good pair of IEMs just because of a bad cable, but it happens.
Sep 29, 2018
Be careful with getting into these knives I'm currently waiting on 5 knife collaboration drops and have purchased 23 knives this year. I've got issues and love it😜
Sep 29, 2018
Crkt imo has kind of gone downhill with the quality of their knives. They have outstanding customer service. The knife that you commented on is a warranty replacement. The pocket clip is really weak and broke. They didn't have a replacement so they replaced the knife. That's when I noticed the quality decline. The knife I returned was a first run knife and the one I received for a replacement feels like a completely different knife. The pivot screw is just a little off center, the detent feels stronger, blade is a smidge off center, it feels like a knockoff. I'm kinda OCD and a little anal and notice all the tiny differences. I even emailed crkt about it and they offered to replace it again or refund or exchange it with a different knife and give me a 50% off voucher.