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Very narrow offerings in "Audiophile" community

I have noticed that the variety of offerings here on the Audiophile community are very narrow (generally DAPs, DACs, Headphones, and headphone amps). I wanted to see if others in the community are interested in seeing a little bit more variety in this space. Thinking about greater frequency of drops in the following product types: Turntables and other sources, Amps and pre-amps, speakers, and media (vinyl deals).
I think this community has a lot of opportunity to grow if we can move past the digital and headphone dominated focus of the community to date.
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god yes, there used to be all kinds of bass and mixers and synths available, now its just the same pair of fostex headphones every three months.
Yeah how about some First Watt stuff
I'd like to see some preamps! Both Phono stage preamps as well as stereo tube gain stage preamps.
Vinyl deals would also be cool. Also Turntable and vinyl maintenance tools/kits.
Would like to see internet radios....
Ifi products pls! :)
I think that an expansion to the community would be nice but when you start talking about turntables amps and vinyl you are talking about an even smaller community. As a DJ I can tell you that the audiophile community is much bigger than the DJ community. It might bring in some hipsters that like the sound of the old timey record players but I don't think it will be much more than that. Even as a DJ I had to adapt to the digital music scene because vinyl and turntables are not used by many more than the hardcore anymore. Most of my Vinyl comes from custom pressing companies because there is not a large market for it anymore. I would suggest maybe expanding into home audio and home theaters, that is a much larger market and with Atmos coming on the scene there has been an uptick in home theater and music systems. Almost reaching the 5.1 surround sound glory days of the 90's. Of course I could be wrong but that is just my one and a half cents.

Hear! Hear! Vinyl drops would be awesome!