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Another Drop HYBRID Tube amp PLEASE

I believe MASSDROP X ALEX CAVALLI TUBE HYBRID AMP was nice step for Drop and tube amps. I wish drop would make another tube amp not just bring back drop cth back. The reason is cth back single tube is not enough as well not enough output and input selection. The next Drop hybrid tube amp should 2-4 tubes and have both rca inputs and balanced xlr inputs as well as rca and balance outputs. Lastly the this Drop hybrid tube amp should have pre rca and balanced xlr outputs. An amp designed like this work nicely with amps/dacs you offer as well leave plenty of Drop dac/amp stack combinations. Thanks again Drop I hope next year we will get more Drop exclusive amp/dac offerings.

A Loxjie P20 collab would be nice. It pairs nice with a Dekoni Blue and Argon mod.
Dec 7, 2021
I’m confused I think you wrote this on the wrong page
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