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Will there be another HD 6XX drop?

Trying to hold out for them if so.
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I hope there will be. As a lucky owner of an HD6XX, it is such a beautiful headphone so that I hope everyone can experience it.
I saw some reviews that the hd6xx sound-wise it's really good. So I hope they bring them back.
Anxious for $200 hd 6xx.....value of these cans at that pricepoint brings audiophile quality to a more affordable level. Have K701, always wanted HD600 or 650,
Right now, Adorama has the HD650 for $315. That's a good price. I went ahead and got it. That price gets you the Made in Ireland model. I don't know how many they have in stock, but they are listed as Close Out.
The $200 drop that they had in December (or whenever it was) was also the Made in Ireland model, just with a different paint job.
I'm also holding out for them but not holding my breath. Here's to hoping they drop again
Maybe Sennheiser is trying to build up a supply of units again? Takes more than a minute to make and tune one, now imagine they wanted to have more than 6,000 ready...
Trying to find out whether they will drop again anytime soon too before I pay these for resell.
I believe some YouTube character made a remark about them being dropped again soon, so I wouldn't be surprised. It's only on their favor.
How could I get one ??
Make it happen MD...soon.
I would guess that it will happen but only time will tell from our perspective. People at Massdrop may have an answer already, but may not be willing to share it. Both Sennheiser and Massdrop will have to be ready/willing to make it happen again before it will. Given the debacle that was the first drop, and the ensuing bitch-fest that's been happening ever since, I can't imagine anyone being very excited by the notion at the moment. Other collab products have always come back despite similar suspicions on my part.
I hope some other folks get the opportunity though. I'm loving these things.
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are these good for gaming?
I don't have first hand experience but I will be surprised if it was good for gaming. Its soundstage is small compared to say K7XX and the highs are rolled off.
I hope so. I want to be like the other cool kids.