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Adding measurements and reviews to head/earphone drops

Hi there Massdrop!
I know from past experience that Massdrop and head-fi have a pretty close relationship, but it would be very nice if we can get some more details of stuff you're selling on the drop page (rather than hunting for reviews). I've personally always really enjoyed the information I get on goldenears, and I typically use that as a reference (when possible, and I don't mind the terrible Google translate of the Korean site). I typically won't buy headphones unless I have some idea that I'll like the sound profile. I find many reviews too subjective and typically contain comparisons of products that I'm unfamiliar with. Without the sort of detail I'm really looking for, I'm lead to shrugging and thinking I don't to burn a few hundred dollars on a gamble . For those not familiar with goldenears here is an example from when they were still porting content from the Korean site to the English site:
Pics and details:
What do you guys think about getting some more data on these drops?
Thanks for reading!

Oct 4, 2018
Agreed.would make much more sense to include frequency response graphs to product descriptions.. I just scroll past half of the "audiophile" products simply because there is a lack of real evidence to back up the "awesome" reviews from Billy Bob and his cousins. Some people might argue that a frequency response graph is too technical for the typical consumer to understand.. I'd argue that any self identifying audiophile willing to spend big bucks on great sounding equipment would never shy away from adding to their understanding of audio. Without data sheets, everything is subjective and that is not how to make an informed decision. If I see a product on massdrop that interests me, the first thing I do is search out frequency response graphs, technical specs.. I couldn't care less how "cool" they look, or reviews from other end users. That stuff is just gravy...I need the meat. Plus freq. response graphs are incredibly useful and easy to decipher once you understand their purpose. Head-Fi is an awesome resource, and should really be linked in product descriptions (if avail)..
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